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Tags 'n' Decs

Well, it’s been feeling very festive this week, what with the extended period of very cold weather and the occasional snow flurry and our visit to the local garden centre to see the reindeer.   They were called Rupert and Ronnie; I think this one is Ronnie. I also have finally finished Mrs Claus - it’s only taken me 3 years!!!   This is another pattern by the very talented Larissa at mmmcrafts .   My Mrs Claus hangs a bit wonky on account of the massive ball of mistletoe she’s carrying! Anyhow, she’s now reunited with Mr Claus on the tree. Finally, I got some quality crafting time with my sister and my friend when we made our door wreaths.   I went for a natural theme this year.   My quick crafting this week has been to make some tags.   I sometimes make a special tag for birthday gifts, particularly if I want one to match the card.   However, for Christmas presents, where the tag’s just going to get thrown away in the jumble of paper, I just want tags I can batch make.   I saw t

Throw Some Shapes

One of the things I like about making my own cards is that they can be different shapes from the standard square or rectangular shop cards.   I used to make my fancy card bases by folding the card in half and partial die-cutting, leaving the top or side edge overhanging the fold.   The only problem with this is if the die is shaped on all 4 sides, the folded side is plain.   By making card bases using this method, the shape remains intact and you can use any size or shape die to create your own custom cards.   This post contains affiliate links and I may earn a small commission if you purchase via the links, at no additional cost to you.  Thank you :-) For each card base, I cut 2 of the shape.   On one, which would become the back, I scored a line approximately ½” from the top edge.   Glue was then applied to the small section above the fold and the front piece adhered onto this section. For some shapes that are curved or pointed at the bottom, I trim off a small piece off the ba

Stepper Into Christmas

This week’s card is a fun-fold that is suitable for festive makes or any occasion year-round.   It’s a Centre Stepper card and you can find my template for the base and layers here .   I like the 4⅛” wide as I can get 2 cards from an A4 sheet but you can make it as wide as you like, subject to the size of card available to you. This was another card that featured the Pinkfresh Studio Magnolias that I made for my post back in November.   I began by cutting my card base and top layer from white and the mats from green. For the toppers, I wanted white but not plain so I used the Quilted Cover Plate die from Honey Bee Stamps to create a lovely stitched trellis background. The magnolias and sentiment were added using thin foam tape and I added rhinestones at the intersections of the trellis. This card is an example of a wider version.   For this one, I wanted a square centre panel and made the wings 1” wide.   Lastly, to ‘Stepper’ into Christmas, I used some new stamps and dies fro